The outdoor procrastination of a Literature PhD candidate. Previously filled with tales of weekend adventures with the Australia National University Mountaineering Club, of which I was the President in 2015 until the AGM, but now being populated with tales of my home in Tasmania.

On this site I document rafting down the Grade V Cataract Gorge in Tasmania, learning to wield ice axes on a Mountaineering course at Blue Lake on the Main Range, and the inadvisability of climbing up and down Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in a mere four days.

I’ve also tackled the fraught issue of the place of brumbies in the Australian alpine region, in response to finding a starving mob in mid-winter, followed up by assisting the field work involved in counting the brumbies.

There was much canyoning in the lead up to an exploratory canyoning expedition in Tasmania funded by the ANUMC over the summer of 2015/16, led by my husband Nick. This expedition was a wonderful success, cut slightly short by the fires raging through Tasmania, and our stories from this adventure are slowly being added to our website.

But I always intermittently return to my first loves of bushwalking and photography, whether that be while travelling the Peaks District in England, ascending to the construction site of the Roof of Indochina in Vietnam, or the hikes in the high country closer to home.

Sometimes I even do things that relate to my thesis. To read book reviews, rants about dictionaries and thoughts on literature and culture in general, see my Antipodean Neo-Victorian site.

All text and images are my own, and people are welcome to share them if they are attributed and linked back to me. Preferably after asking my permission. And preferably using the MLA Referencing system…

For more photography, see my Flickr web albums or follow me on Instagram.

For my adventure videos, visit me on Vimeo and Youtube.

To follow my >140 character thoughts, see @Van_Demonian.

The Author, atop Mt Cullen, South West National Park, Tasmania.

The Author, atop Mt Cullen, South West National Park, Tasmania.


Wild Magazine
2017, Issue 159, “Finding a place on the Mt Anne Spectrum,” co-authored with Jill Hancock
2015, Issue 148,  “Ski Ben Lomond!”
2015, April, “On the Roof of Indochina: Fansipan,” on the Wild website
2015, Jan-Feb, NO. 145, “ANUMC event’s belated anniversary”
2014, Nov, Co-authored article “Feral Horses in the High Country,” on the Wild website.

Guest post on the Visit Canberra blog, 2014 “Walk on the Wildside: Mulligan’s Flat and The National Zoo and Aquarium” http://blog.visitcanberra.com.au/2014/11/walk-on-the-wildside-mulligans-flat-and-the-national-zoo-and-aquarium/

Surya, Online Canberra Magazine
2014, Issue 2 April/May “Winter is Coming” http://www.suryamagazine.com.au/winter-is-coming/
2014, Issue 1 “Hakuna Matata! Kilimanjaro” http://www.suryamagazine.com.au/hakuna-matata-kilimanjaro/
2013, November/December “Wild Words, Wild Beasts” http://www.suryamagazine.com.au/wild-words-wild-beasts/

Togatus, University of Tasmania Student Magazine
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2011, Issue 1, February “Wine” http://issuu.com/togatus/docs/togatus_issue_1_2011
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2010, Issue 2, May “Make Poverty History” http://issuu.com/togatus/docs/togatus_issue_2_2010_web

Short story published in “Lithuanian Papers” No. 25/2011, the annual journal of the Tasmanian University Union Lithuanian Studies Society.


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