Balloon Sunrise Spectacular

Early mornings and I have a civil and mutually beneficial agreement wherein we politely avoid each other, or offer only the briefest nod of acknowledgement if we are akwardly forced to meet. However, Canberra’s aptly named Balloon Spectacular is (at its 29th year) one of the longest-running hot ballooning events in the world, and so in order to enjoy it kayaking atop the thick, dark waters of Lake Burley Griffin, I need to reacquaint myself with the pre-dawn each year.

Last year’s trip involved a very awkward lack of acknowledgement from the sun, which saw us paddling beneath an overcast sky (thankfully much improved with the glorious Skywhale and silly hats). This year, I got up even earlier to catch the dawn unawares, and lo, we paddled beneath a perfect sunrise and a great display of balloons.

As was inevitable, when I pushed my luck the next morning I was forsaken by both dawn and balloons, it being too overcast for one and windy for the other.
Well then early mornings: till next year!

Dawnless balloonless sky


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